Wm. Sharpe on Nick Caldwell

By Wm. Sharpe

Since Uncle Joe Is Dead came out, I have had the opportunity to talk to some friends who are also in arts or creative fields about the first two books. I am going to share some of those conversations.

One of the topics that comes up is Nick Caldwell as protagonist. I was asked recently, “What about this guy, is he a good guy or a bad guy?”

I think Nick is generally a good guy. but there is no doubt that he has a dark side. Nick is a guy that has suffered a tragedy; he has lost the most important person in his life, his child. This event changed him profoundly. Prior to the loss he was a “Boy Scout”; afterward he has become angry and bitter. Who he is angry at is simply everyone, starting with God and moving on through anyone who he believes is doing wrong. Nick has a code. In the second book, Justice Delayed, he helped the MacCarty family clear their brother’s name, and in the third book, Uncle Joe Is Dead, he helped a not-so-nice man get justice for the man’s very nice uncle. Nick likes to balance scales, help the underdogs and forgotten in the world, well at least in Chicago and the Midwest. Continue reading “Wm. Sharpe on Nick Caldwell”