Today my editor, business partner, and friend strongly suggested, after several semi-threatening emails from our host that I stop procrastinating and delete the almost 2900 comments from our page.

I did…20 at a time. I have lost the use of my right hand and my eyesight is rapidly going.

I feel I am a better person for doing this. Now that I have finished this task, I am sure that I will be welcomed back to the virtual lunch table with my colleagues. While I was doing this I wore a mask and I made my computer wear a mask which made part of the screen difficult to see, despite this I continued on.

Now, I can go back to promoting my last two books Dead Crowe and A Christmas Project, both available on Amazon in print and on Kindle.

I will also continue writing on our next book, about a secret society of K-9s that protect us all from EVIL.

We are also producing new podcasts at BearhounD7 Productions in association with the Something Different Network.

Novel Approach is hosted by James Sodon where I serve as his loyal sidekick on this show where we talk about writing. We talk about the creative writing process, writing for film. We also discuss books, film ad television from the viewpoint of the writer.

Jim Sodon, Lou Conrad and I also co-host UncommonSenseRadio3.0, the Podcast, an irreverent look at our culture, politics, the media and “stuff.”

We also have several new podcasts that we hope to launch in 2021.

All of us at BearhounD7 Productions and the Something Different Network

Wish you a Happy New Year and hope you are safe and well

Wm. Sharpe

Write a Review and News About the New Books Coming Out

Hi, for those of you that have been kind enough to read Death by Lethal Affection would you please write a review on Amazon? I think you can just use your initials. If you know anyone else that has read it could you ask them to write one too? This would help us a great deal.
The next book, which is a conclusion of the first book’s story, we hope will be out by late October, early November. It is called Justice Delayed and it is being edited. This second book is also the first book featuring Chicago detective, Nick Caldwell.
I have just started the third book and the working title is Uncle Joe is Dead. It will be the first stand alone, Nick Caldwell detective story.
Bill a.k.a. Wm. SharpeFront cover

Where the Hell is your Damn Book? Or All the Stuff We Didn’t Know About Publishing

Front cover

It’s here. It was published July 7 in both print and Kindle formats. Available at and through other book stores.

IMG_3543-001Where the Hell is your Damn Book?


All the Stuff We Didn’t Know About Publishing

Over the last month I have received several queries about the release of Death by Lethal Affection. Continue reading “Where the Hell is your Damn Book? Or All the Stuff We Didn’t Know About Publishing”

Authors on LUTV


April 15, 2016

This morning I hosted two IMPART programs for LUTV at Lindenwood University’s educational station. IMPART is a program that explores media, communications and public affairs. It can be seen on Charter Communications and U-verse in the St. Louis area. Out side of St. Louis you can watch it at

I had the opportunity to talk with Don and Dianna Graveman, authors of Legendary Locals of St. Charles and Chris DiGiuseppi co-author of The Light Bringer Trilogy.

The Graveman’s book traces the history of St. Charles, Missouri by tracing the lives of those who pioneered the community and those who make it a vibrant and successful community today. The Gravemans have also written historical books on other communities in Missouri.

They are very nice people who write historical books that go beyond the traditional stories and introduce you to interesting and facinating people and stories whose importance might have been overlooked if not for Don and Dianna Graveman.

Chris DiGiuseppi and his co-author Mike Force have impressive careers in law enforcement and have written a different kind of crime story. In their three books, The Light Bringer, The Fallen and the last and most recent story, The Risen. Chris and Mike take you on a “police ride along,” that will take you places you would never expect to go. A crime story rooted in the real world with a good measure of the supernatural, a good mix.

All of these books are available on Amazon.

And as soon as we get it in gear to get the cover photo completed, we hope Death By Lethal Affection will be available soon, as well.

Wm. Sharpe